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[해외] RockJam Portable Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit with Power Supply, Drum Sticks, and Foot Pedals

  • Drum pads provide realistic expression; similar sounds to a non-electric drum kit
  • 9 Drums pads and 2 drum pedals make a variety of sounds
  • Thick pad can be rolled easily to make travel easier
  • Necessary Accessories included: Two Pedals. Power Supply, and Drumsticks
  • Output for headphones

₩ 75,600

[해외] Ohm Store Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl Set

  • 4 Inches HAND HAMMERED TIBETAN SINGING BELL SET - This is a full set of meditation bowl, wooden striker and hand sewn cushion. Made in the Himilayan Foothills By Nepalese artistans to create an ambience for emotional calming & healing.
  • ENHANCES YOGA, MEDITATION AND HEART CHAKRA CLEARING - The sounds generated by this Tibertan Singing Bowl is a type of energy medicine that promotes healing from stress disorders, pain, depression and most forms of dis-ease.
  • WONDERFUL TONES AND EASE OF PLAYING - Healing processes are initiated through entraining our brainwaves to synchronise with the perfect resonance of the bowls. Unique tones create the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages.
  • FITS IN YOUR HAND - The Meditation Bowl Set fits in the palm of your hand, looks great on your desk or shelf, and adds a fun and harmonious flavor to your decor.
  • The Size of the bowl is approximately 4 inches diameter. lifetime guarantee on our full line of products.

₩ 45,600

[해외] Alesis Nitro Kit | Electronic Drum Set with 8" Snare, 8" Toms, and 10" Cymbals

  • Dynamic, comfortable pads for great feel and natural response
  • 8" high quality rubber drum pads (dual-zone snare, three single-zone toms)
  • Kick pad tower with bass drum pedal included
  • 10" cymbals: ride cymbal, hi-hat, crash w/choke
  • 4-post aluminum rack-super solid for stability and flexibility

₩ 579,600

[해외] Nino Percussion NINOSET540 Four Piece Plastic Egg Shaker Set with Assorted Colors (VIDEO)

  • Set of 4 Egg Shakers - Blue, Green, Red & Yellow
  • Lightweight, plastic, durable
  • Each egg measures 2.5" tall x 1.5" wide
  • Clear and pronounced sounds
  • Shakers are a fun and easy instrument for learning the foundations of rhythm and can be played with any other percussion instrument like cajons, djembes, bongos or congas
  • Age rating: 3+

₩ 29,700

[해외] Stage Rocker Powered by Hamilton SR610111 Bass Drum/Table Top Boom Mic Stand

  • Made exclusively for Amazon by Hamilton
  • T-handle adjustment for secure boom positioning
  • Square boom clamp design with large clamping area

₩ 46,400

[해외] Remo Kids Percussion Floor Tom Drum - Fabric Rain Forest, 10"

  • Brand: Remo
  • Product Code: KD508001
  • 7.5x10 inch floor tom
  • Acoustic on Shell
  • Part of the Remo Kid's Percussion Collection

₩ 71,600

[해외] Innocheer Kids 10 PCS Musical Instruments & Percussion Toy Rhythm Band Set

  • A complete rhythm instrument set in one bag.The kit comes with a zippered carrying case for easy cleanup and storage.
  • Various instruments provide a wide range of sounds.Perfect size instruments for preschool and early elementary children in group or individual play.
  • Safe and reliable for young children ages 3 and up.
  • High quality construction that's built to last for long time play and fun.
  • CHRISTMAS GIFT: Great Chistmas toy gift for preschool kids, children, toddler.

₩ 62,800

[해외] Deluxe Medium 4" Wood Frog Guiro Rasp - Musical Instrument Tone Block - from World Percussion USA only

  • Only WORLD PERCUSSION USA is selling the frog in this listing. Other sellers' product does NOT match this description.
  • Fun percussion toy - use as a guiro, rasp, or high pitch tone block
  • 4" Medium Length - Creates a realistic frog ribbit or croaking sound!
  • Carved from a solid piece of wood for best sound, natural finish, no paint to chip
  • Your purchase of this frog rasp helps support the efforts of Africa Heartwood Project .org

₩ 27,700

[해외] 7 Inch Steel Cow Bell with Handle and Antique Copper Finish

  • Loud, Low Tone Carries over Long Distances
  • Handsome Antique Copper-Style Finish
  • Top Hanger Loop/Handle
  • Steel-Welded Construction Zinc Clapper with Loop
  • Eye Constructed In a Single Piece

₩ 32,600

[해외] YMC TAM20-BLACK Double Row Tambourine - Metal Jingles Hand Held Percussion Ergonomic Handle

  • New Half Moon Tambourine: Jingles Hand Held Percussion
  • Features 20 Jingles
  • Tambourine with Double Row of Jingles

₩ 33,600